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Absence from work


 All employers recognise the impact of employee absence on company performance, but many employers struggle to effectively manage and implement absence management policies.  An attendance management policy which includes occupational health reviews at designated trigger points can reduce overall rates of absence, make an employer aware of absence statuses and inform an employer as to how they can best facilitate an employee’s return to work.


Fit notes written by GPs are often unclear and may not take into account the employee’s working environment. With your employee’s consent, our clinicians can liaise with their GP or specialist for a more comprehensive overview of their medical condition.  As specialists, we can then better inform you as to how this affects their capacity to work.


Alert Health can provide a detailed report on an individual employee which will assist in determining the most effective actions to take in relation to their absence. An effective absence management policy will facilitate clear communication between all channels.

Presence at work

You may have an employee who is managing an existing medical condition in the workplace, and have concerns regarding their health.  Some employees return to work too early following a period of sickness, or fail to take any absence, preferring to struggle on.  This can have a detrimental effect on their own work performance, and potentially a knock-on effect on colleagues and the company.


Alert Health can review your employee and provide you with advice on how best to support their continued presence at work.

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