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Drug & Alcohol


Managing drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace requires a robust drug and alcohol policy with detailed drug and alcohol testing procedures and outcomes. Alert Health can assist with your drug and alcohol policy in accordance with current drug and alcohol screening practices and guidelines, ensuring compliance with Chain of Custody requirements.


Our fully trained nurses and screening technicians can deliver drug and alcohol testing as part of routine medicals or as individual tests. These can be carried out at Alert Health’s premises (link to map), or at a location that’s convenient to you.

Alcohol Testing

Guaranteeing accuracy and reliability, we use an instant breathalyser to deliver precise results in a timely manner.

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Non-evidential Drug Testing

A urine test is carried out in the presence of the donor. We use a dip-test, which will alert us to any flagged substances found in the sample.  We offer six-substance or ten-substance non-evidential tests.


When the instant test detects a substance is present, the sample will be packaged in accordance with a strict Chain of Custody procedures and sent to our laboratory for confirmatory testing in accordance with UK Workplace Drug Testing cut-off levels.  When the laboratory result is received and reviewed by our doctor, you will be contacted with the confirmed outcome.

Evidential Testing

For planned evidential testing the collected urine sample is not tested on site, but packaged and sent straight to our laboratory. Your confidence is assured, because results are legally defensible and recorded as either categorically negative or positive.

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