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Medical Assessments

OGUK/Norway/Netherlands Offshore Medical

Individuals are often asked to undertake medicals to meet clinical standards set by an industry’s governing body, the visa requirements of a country or an employing/contracting company’s medical advisor.  Alert Health can perform a range of medical checks to meet your specific requirements.

What Does an Alert Health Medical Entail?*

1   Reception

Present photographic ID and sign-in

Complete questionnaires relating to medical and/ or specific testing

The OGUK certificate allows you to work in UK and Norwegian sectors of the North Sea for a maximum of two years.  At request, the outcome of the OGUK medical check can be entered into a Dutch log book for the Netherlands.


The OGUK offshore medical check does not include a drug and alcohol test as standard.  Should this be required, please place a request at the point of booking.

Emergency Response Team (ERT) Medicals

Climbers/Working at Heights Medicals

2   Technician / Nurse Screening

Urinalysis – routine urine test with immediate result

BMI – measurement of height, weight and calculation of Body Mass Index

Near Distance and Colour Vision

Pulse and Blood Pressure Measurement

Lung Function Test (peak flow)

Confined Space Medicals

HSE Statutory Medicals

Ionising Radiation


Lead Medicals

DVLA/ Drivers Medicals

Lift Truck Medicals

3   Doctor/ Nurse section

Consultation with a doctor or nurse

Lifestyle Medicals

New Employee Assessments

(questionnaire review)

Bespoke medicals

* Your medical may contain additional testing, dependent on the specification of your medical.

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